P&V Foundation offers their partner non-profit organizations and employees training on skills-based volunteering

A triple win through skills-based employee volunteering! For the company, for the non-profit organization and for the employees involved! Together they contribute to a significant positive change in society.

The value of skills-based employee volunteering for companies and employees, in addition to making a positive social impact: good for attracting & retaining talent, innovative way for professional development, get to know colleagues in a different way, purpose & motivation. For non-profit organizations it supports their capacity building.

On behalf of FONDATION P&V STICHTING, Engage4 gave instructive introduction sessions to employees of P&V Group, and to the non-profit partners they work with.
We immediately met a highly committed workforce at P&V and at the P&V Foundation.
Also a great interest among the non-profit partners they work with.

Investing in making social impact starts here! Stronger through training.

As we say "People really want to be socially involved. All you have to do is offer them opportunities for this!"

If you are interested in training, please register here.


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